Needs to hear the fuck up! May or may not know, I’v been in a LDR for basically 8 years now, we have never met, or been around each other in person. We skype , text, call, write, and mail each other presents. 8 years in a relationship with someone you never met? Some might call it crazy but IDGAF! How could you not be so dedicated and in love with someone who has always been there for you when no one else has, cared for you and your happiness the entire time you’ve known them, and just be the most (I say perfect) amazing and beautiful individual you’ve ever saw. But Saturday all the distance and relying on technology stops as I fly her in and and we spend my weeks vacation with her. A week off work with my love. Wouldn’t have it any other way, I love her, she loves me. I need her. Saturday will be the start of a whole new milestone in our relationship and I’m so anxious and nervous for it to start. I love you Courtney Rhiannon Mathes (Serna) :)

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